Motorized drapery and automated shade systems are a must for homes where luxury is a way of life.

Customized systems allow you the upmost convenience. These controls are a part of your lighting system of the house, allowing natural light in when and where it is optimal. The systems can be programmed to open the drapes in certain rooms to allow the morning sunlight in, and close in the afternoon to protect furniture and art work for harsh direct sun.

There are new options for customizing the window treatments in your home including

  • New handheld remote controls used to open and close curtains and shades, or program to a “favorite scene” setting.
  • These are used in addition to wall mounted controls. There are new options for longer tracks and single and multiple bend curved tracks, which allow for creativity and flexibility in the home design.
  • Integrate your window treatment controls into your overall home automation system. Access a visual layout of the house on a hand held remote; choose a room and press the button to have the shades open or close. Manage the natural light in your home without walking from room to room.
  • New manual force systems allow you to open and close automated drapes and shades without potential damage when the electricity is out or a guest is unaware of the system.

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