The best way to effectively enhance a traditional home security monitoring system is by adding surveillance cameras. Cameras can be installed inside and outside the home to record activity day and night. You can watch any area of your home in real time or replay the recorded video later to review a situation.

ITG engineers can install systems that allow you to view any area of your home on your television, hand held remotes or on your computer. Imagine watching your favorite television show in the bedroom, while the kids are playing in the back yard. With just the touch of a button, you can pause your program, pull up the pool camera on the TV screen and view the area to make sure everyone is safe.

ITG uses the best surveillance camera systems available. This allows for creativity when choosing which cameras to install in different areas of the home. Cameras can be hidden in various places and be very inconspicuous. ITG engineers are experienced with installing complex surveillance systems and integrating them into the home automation system so you have access to view your home when you want and how you want.

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