Upgrading your Home

Whether you are seeking a family room that calls for a chest pumping surround sound theater that could be easily used by anyone, in addition to a dedicated listening room on another floor that services, plus the distribution of whole house music from this central location. Having a dedicated listening room that serves as the owner’s private sanctuary,

ITG experts are trained to assess your current home technology systems and determine what upgrades can be made without major disruption to your home life. Upgrades that have been revolutionized with wireless technology include automated lighting systems, whole-house music systems, and updates to your home theater.

It is important that the home technology systems are well designed to make the home more comfortable, create a more Green Living Space, reduce energy consumption, provide safety and save money. And they are not helpful if they are complicated to operate. ITG experts are specialists in making these systems work easily for you.

Imagine pushing a button next to your bed, and all of the lights in the house turnoff, the air conditioning systems resets to a comfortable temperature, and your security system is set to the “home” mode.

Each of these technology upgrades can be designed to fit the needs of you and your family. ITG engineers take the time to understand your lifestyle and create a plan that will make your home more enjoyable and more valuable with the least amount of inconvenience.

Call us today for a no obligation assessment of your current technology systems and recommendations for upgrading your home.

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